This project aims to print, assemble and control a humanoid robotic arm based on the open-source InMoov project. Starting with some specifications, the selection and assembly of the hardware is carried out. Selecting the type of printer used and its filament, as well as the material for the tendons and servo motors. Finally, it was design and implementation of the software embedded in it, which will be in charge of movement of the arm and the interface necessary for its subsequent use.

Once assembled, the correct operation of the system was verified, trying to imitate, as much as the design allows, the behavior of its human equivalent; developing the control system among which stands out a serial interface through the USB port.

Besides, several modifications were made to improve the behavior of the arm, including an artificial skin based on the velostat material.

In this way, the current scope of technology is revealed, transporting robotics and object manufacturing from the automated systems of large industrial factories to the heart of homes around the world.

This project served to obtain the title of Telecommunications Engineer at the University of Malaga, where the highest qualification was obtained.

More detail about the assembly process:


Here are the videos of the working arm:

  • DoF: 6 hands, 3 arms, 2 shoulder
  • Electronics: Arduino Nano with custom control shield
  • Mecanics: Hitec HS-805BB, TowerPro MG996R, HobbyKing HK15298B
  • Frame: ABS and metal