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Skins design for R2-D2

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After several months without being able to touch the R2, I’ve started to redesign the skins, or exterior, of R2-D2. The main idea is to be able to manufacture them in 1.0 mm thick aluminum. I’ve redesigned them for various reasons. First, because I like to design in 3D and push my skills to the limit. Second, because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I was not convinced by the skins that were available. In this post I will tell a little about the skins design process and the types of skins that I have made.

On the one hand, I’ve designed the skins of R2-D2 in CS-L (Legacy) and CS-R (Revisited) versions both in its version A New Hope (ANH) and The Empire Strikes Back (ESB). The difference between CS-L and CS-R is more than noticeable in the diameter of R2-D2: 18.174 inches vs 18.25 inches. While the difference between ANH and ESB lies in the rear door and that the internals of R2-D2 are slightly offset.

To design them I’ve used, as always, Fusion360. R2-D2 has four skins: two front (internal and external) and two rear (internal and external). The internal ones are screwed to the frame and in them, the internal parts are attached. The external ones serve as embellishers. For each of the “half-skins”, I first created a semicircle with the corresponding radius and height dimensions.

Then I flattened the part and drew the panels following the club’s pdf blueprint specifications.

Finally, I extruded the holes and rebended the part.


The procedure for obtaining the 4 skins is the same. Here are the 4 skins:


And this is the final design:

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