More robust and accurate

I updated my 3d printer with the new steel structure of the P3Steel 4.0. With this new structure, the swing of the frame from front to back (defect of the Prusa i3 with frame) is eliminated thanks to the reinforcing brackets and simplifies the construction, eliminating the complex sub-frame of threaded rods on the y-axis.

It also has 8mm spindles on the z axis.

200x300mm heated bed

With the new structure I have been able to replace my old heated bed Mk2 with a 200x300 mm silicone heated bed that works at 220V. The printing surface is layered with a tempered glass, aluminum sheet of 3mm, silicone bed and cork board.

More print surface and less warm-up time, from 22º to 100º in 5 minutes!

Titan Extruder

The new E3D Titan Extruder brings high performance with its con 3:1 gear reduction. Titan works for all configurations of bowden, direct extrusion, 1.75mm and 3mm. Adjustable tension allows for use with all filaments currently available. Furthermore an idler force indicator scale allows you to set the idler tension to a known and repeatable setpoint. The small 0.9º/step NEMA17 Motor makes the Titan reliable and lightweight!
  • Frame: P3Steel 4.0
  • Volume: 200x300x200 mm
  • Hotend: E3D v6 @ 0.4mm
  • Filament: 3mm